Under the Black Flag

Throw in the Towel

If you thought comedy was dead, take a look at the newest Napoleon on the block, the one wearing sandals on his feet and a tablecloth on his head, and striking an heroic pose with his hairy legs wrapped around a camel’s hump.  This ludicrous figure resides in Riyadh and is fawned over by people like Prince Charles and our 45th President, not to mention those with greased palms in Washington who are busy spreading the word that Saudi Arabia invented constitutional democracy, beta-blockers, and astrophysics as well as being the forerunner of the European Enlightenment.

Mohammad bin Salman has been in the news lately because he stuck some 200 thieves, most of whom are cousins of his, in the Ritz-Carlton, under house arrest, an act that may prove fatal for the Ritz-Carlton.  The arrestees may all be billionaires, but none of them is house-trained.  They eat on the floor and defecate there also, which makes it very confusing at times for the poor waiters who have to clean up.  (I am not joking.  Back in the late 1960’s, Saudi leaders visited Greece and holed up at the Athens Hilton.  It took weeks to clean up after them.  Never again, said the Hilton.)  A very close friend of mine who owns Asprey told me that the bathroom amenities in all Ritz-Carlton hotels are provided by Asprey, a fact that makes him very nervous.

Basically the house arrest of the billionaires is a shakedown. ...

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