Under the Black Flag

Those Racist Police

When I was last in the Big Bagel, as I call Noo Yawk, an heroic policeman with countless commendations for bravery and 22 years of front-line service was murdered in cold blood by a black drug dealer, La­mont Pride, the latter having previously been let loose by a black female judge who ignored a warrant for his arrest from North Carolina on a shooting charge.  Officer Peter Figoski was 47 and had brought up his four daughters on his own.  His last act of duty was to respond to a robbery in Brooklyn, where the fleeing thug shot him in the face.

The very next day, the New York Times chose to run an editorial praising the state of Pennsylvania for taking another black police killer (Mumia Abu-Jamal), who had even more cold-bloodedly killed a police officer lying injured on the ground, off death row.  The timing was such that the Pennsylvania state trooper’s widow (since 1982) remarked upon it.  I am sure it must have amused Jill Abramson, the new Times editor, to be called unfeeling by the widow of a slain cop.  Abramson and her type do not much care what working stiffs think of them.  To the contrary, they relish the fact that cops, firemen, blue-collar workers, and their ilk do not read or believe the Times.

Abramson I do not know, but rarely have I seen a homelier woman, with a mouth that resembles that of a fish, and a face...

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