Think Again

This book would have been better entitled “A Time to Think.”  It contains some good thinking but not much fight.  Doubtless the author and publisher knew that Fighting is a better sell than Thinking.

Barack Obama will have chosen his running mate by the time this review reaches readers.  At the time of writing there has been some speculation that James Webb, the maverick new Democratic senator from Virginia, might be Obama’s choice.  If so, and if he were to accept, Webb would betray himself and everything that his life has meant.

Webb is a man of Southern pioneer stock (the only kind of Old American left these days).  A Marine officer combat veteran.  A Republican Defense Department official who resigned on a matter of principle and who, instead of taking the normal gravy train to the industry side of the military-industrial complex, became a writer of books, including a Vietnam War novel of high merit.  A politician who can actually think unprefabricated thoughts and express them with clarity rather than obfuscation, whose first impulse incredibly appears to be to search out what is right and true and in the interests of the people rather than what is personally profitable.

Ticket balancing would be stretched beyond credibility with Webb and Obama, the latter being the epitome of affirmative action, imperial chic, hot marketing, and Wall Street respectability,...

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