Cultural Revolutions

The Yuma Amnesty Files

President Bush was back in Yuma, Arizona, in early April, one year after making promises to secure the border in exchange for a “comprehensive” immigration-reform bill that would increase legal immigration, open the door for up to 20 million illegal aliens to remain in the United States, and encourage yet another surge of illegal aliens to enter the United States and wait for the next amnesty.  As CNN’s Lou Dobbs put it, “He’s at it again.”  Officially, the Decider was  in Yuma, at ground zero of the illegal-immigration invasion, to open a new Border Patrol station.  The real aim, however, was to revive the game the Reagan administration and Congress played back in 1986, when an amnesty for illegal aliens was supposed to be accompanied by strict immigration-law enforcement and sanctions against employers hiring illegals.  We all know how that ended.

The President’s scriptwriters made sure he was on message at all times in Yuma, beating the drum for a “guest-worker” program that, Mr. Bush assured us, was not an amnesty.  The “guest-worker” program would allegedly be accompanied by employer sanctions, a “tamper-proof” work visa for alien workers, and stricter border enforcement.  The White House (as’s Marcus Epstein suggested) may even have deliberately leaked a PowerPoint presentation—proposals...

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