The Yoke of Democracy

Letter From Germany

In a strange way, it appears that Adolf Hitler is still ruling Germany.  In the Federal Republic of Germany, the forces of “democracy,” in the form of political parties, make political decisions by implementing the opposite of what they assume Hitler would have wanted.  Those political parties, the governing opposition, are “democratic” because American military rule has approved them.  In the case of the Green Party, which emerged long after the end of the occupation period, the White House has accepted the statement of Petra Kelly and General Bastian (leading figures of the founding period) during their pilgrimage to the Potomac that the Greens would represent the type of Germans that the Americans had always wanted to bring to power, even though this party encompasses former admirers of Mao and Pol Pot.  The primary purpose of elections in Germany is not to select a government but to ensure that the population (people is considered to be a Hitlerite term) or human beings (Menschen, the term increasingly used instead of people, citizens, or nation) ratify the rule of the democratic forces.  The established German political class longs for a legitimacy that mere elections are not able to provide.  The most prominent method that they employ to gain the desired legitimacy is to make the official interpretation of recent history (Geschichtspolitik)...

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