The Women Come and Go. . .

If the media could invent a headline that comprehensively described the definitive news of the world today, it would be something like Experts Confirm Top Rail Is on Bottom.  For almost my entire working life I have been hearing how the upper classes are being displaced by the lower ones, the American native-born by immigrants from everywhere, the white race by the colored ones, the Northern Hemisphere by the Southern Hemisphere.  Lately I have seen stories in the press claiming that men are being replaced by women in education and at work.  Forty years ago, it was a commonplace on the feminist left that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”  In those days, the significance of this bon mot was fairly limited.  Women did not need men for protection, financial support, companionship, or personal fulfillment.  And they did not need husbands for sex, or for childrearing.  Later, after the further development of biotechnology, women did not need men themselves, but male vital fluids merely, for the conception of children.

All this is now old hat.  According to statistical surveys, women don’t need men for anything, and neither does the world itself.  If we are to believe what we are told, women outnumber men in institutions of higher education, and they are pushing them hard in business management and in the professions.  Further, women earn higher grades in school and in college,...

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