The Wisdom of Old Rabinovich

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By:Eugene Girin | April 13, 2015

Indiana's shameful surrender to the Gay Mafia, Big Business, the Left, and the Commentariat on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act came as no surprise. Indeed, Pat Buchanan's most recent column on the whole sorry debacle contains words that must be memorized by every traditionalist:

First comes a call for tolerance for those who believe and behave differently. Then comes a plea for acceptance. Next comes a demand for codifying in law a right to engage in actions formerly regarded as debased or criminal. Finally comes a demand to punish any and all who persist in their public conduct or their private business in defying the new moral order.

Mike Pence's surrender also brings to mind an old Soviet joke.

- Rabinovich, why do you want to emigrate from the Soviet Union?

- Because I disagree with the Soviet policy with regard to homosexuality.

- Rabinovich, 50 years ago, we shot homosexuals, 30 years ago, we imprisoned them, 10 years ago we fired them from their jobs, and now, we do not do anything to them!

- Exactly! I want to emigrate before homosexuality becomes mandatory.

I wonder whether in the coming years, small businesses owned by Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs will be subject to the same persecutory pressure as Christian caterers, bakers, and florists. There are a few traditionalist and Orthodox Jews from the Soviet Union whom I know personally who make a living by catering and filming weddings. Now, most of their clients are of course, other Russian-speaking Jews, but in recent years, they have been getting more and more American clients.

The question, still unasked anywhere in the rightwing blogosphere is simple, yet uncomfortable. Will non-Christians be subject to the same barrage of insults if they refuse to accept a gay "wedding" by providing their services to the prospective clients? Or will the "brides" and "grooms" quietly back off and go elsewhere? This remains to be seen. But if I had to guess, the current campaign of shoving the acceptance of gay "marriage" down America's throat is primarily directed against the arch-enemy of the Left: Christianity of the White, Middle American variety.



4/13/2015 03:20 PM

  I was recently privy to a glimpse of an article that Chronicles magazine will publish in the year 2115. They are collectively confident of penning their thoughts and polemics 100 years ahead of time, since although some of their stances and opinions are decidedly 'edgy', they are also nevertheless the mainstay & bread and butter of the self righteous. The article ended with a fumbling sleight of hand, in that it blankly refused to acknowledge that societal moral decadence proceeded in all cases the 'going after strange flesh'.

4/13/2015 03:58 PM

  Preceded , not proceeded.

harry Colin
east Palestine, OH
4/13/2015 04:12 PM

  Mr. Girin relates an amusing yet chillingly accurate joke concerning Rabinovich. I think he has also correctly identified the primary target of the sodomy lobby - white Christians. Of course, there is enough hatred and venom in this group of leftists to spread some to non-Christians who spurn the current fascination with overturning both nature and historical religion. The gulag awaits authentic Christians here, perhaps not, at least initially, the prison camps of incarceration, but the frightening isolation of marginalization and ridicule. The Left will enforce dutiful acceptance of their agenda with control of jobs, perquisites, education and the threat of punitive measures doled out by the IRS and other government agencies.

4/13/2015 07:37 PM

  Mr. Girin, You might be right but usually the Left doesn't care who gets in their way, they will first try "the easy way" to silence the nuisance ---use of fear, threats of law, destitution, starvation, etc. But if necessary, they will use the” hard way" to simply assassinate the cancerous sore!! Either by trained character assassins, or in more serious cases, by those who actually understand the meaning of "strictly business". Recently a New York cabbie, a foreigner I believe, perhaps even a disciple of Allah’s, or like most of us, simply a working stiff practicing some form of apostasy the best we can, but as I remember he was not middle class or Christian. In any event he was ordered to pay $10,000 and mental rehabilitation in sensitivity training for telling two loving lesbians their behavior in the back seat of his cab was becoming somewhat of a distraction to him while driving in that very busy city . You might look it up for more details but I think they are open to the idea of attacking anyone who offends them. I do, however, think the Christian is easier for the most part to silence these days since we are more accustomed and more weary of the consequences. And probably more fragile of mind and body as a result.


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