The Way Forward Is With a Broken Head

Symptoms: Health fine until reads Walker latest. Immediate somatic distress of all systems inch pulmonary; digestive crisis, upper, middle, and lower; cardiac irregularity; low and high blood pressure; skin rashes and lesions; emerging hyperallergenic reactions to paper, ink, reading process. Psychosomatic reactions: delusions of persecution, fears of apocalypse, entropic anxieties, all leading to reaction formation of unjustified bipolar despair/joy.

Toxins Indicated: Walker syntactic breakdown, sentence fragments, logical void. Word processing/chat room/cultural inversion induces paranoid hostility. Walker notes for first draft publ. as "book" = other books on shelf/outragenausea. Narcissistic twaddle palmed off as "art." Deserves "F" in community college "creative writing" class. Identity crisis: Countercultural pose sanctioned by big-time establishment publisher w/book tour = demonstration of big lie. Counterculture = establishment.

Gnosis: Political and other antinomianism, cornball sentiments, approves of The Bridges of Madison County. Alice Walker subject = Alice Walker. "Autobiographical" "stories" = failure of imagination but needs new book for book tour and money, tax write-offs. Problem: how to retain victim status while exploiting success. Solution: self-absorbed...

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