The Voice of Democracy

“Democracy Dies in Darkness,” declares the Washington Post.  With apologies to Alexis de Tocqueville, I reply: Doesn’t something have to live first before it can die?

There is one great advantage to the ongoing, interminable, and farcical “Russia investigation” that grips the Establishment and those who choose to be entertained daily by America’s mass media.  The Russia investigation has shown the utter folly of the unreal ideals that form the ideology of modern America.

“The Russians have threatened our very democracy!” cry the myriad and bipartisan enemies of President Trump.  NeverTrumpers are convinced that he colluded with the Russians.  Fair-WeatherTrumpers think the investigation is overblown, but they still plan to read the Mueller report, should it ever come, with an open mind.  If there’s evidence of actual collusion, we need to know!  Remember the sacredness of our democracy!

What do all of these defenders of the faith mean by “democracy”?  Do they even know?

Ask the question, and you may receive a platitudinous response that extols the value of “every voice” and the virtue of all of them being “heard.”  Some among the democratic dogmatists are hawking the indulgence of the National Popular Vote initiative, an “interstate compact” designed...

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