The Vanishing Anglo-Saxon Minority

The Vanishing Anglo-Saxon Minority
OPINIONS\r\nThe Vanishing Anglo-Saxon Minority\r\nby Samuel Francis\r\n"The Anglo-Saxon carries self-government and self-development\r\nwith him wherever he goes."\r\n— Henry Ward Beecher\r\nThe Cousins' Wars:\r\nReligion, Politics, Civil Warfare,\r\nand the Triumph of Anglo-America\r\nby Kevin P. PhiUips\r\nNew York: Basic Books;\r\n707 pp., $32.50\r\nFor almost exactly 30 years, Kevin P.\r\nPhillips has been cranking out some\r\nof the most interesting and provocative\r\nworks of political analysis written since\r\nWorld War II. In 1969, The Emerging\r\nRepublican Majority argued that American\r\npolitics runs through periodic cycles\r\nof about 30 years and that a new cycle,\r\nbased demographically on the "Sunbelt"\r\n(a term he is usually credited with having\r\ncoined) and expressed through the Republican\r\nParty of Richard Nixon and\r\nRonald Reagan, was about to unfold.\r\nThe prediction was somewhat derailed\r\nby the intrusion of more-or-less accidental\r\nevents like Watergate and by the\r\nnot-so-accidental incompetency of Republicans,\r\nwho have managed to misunderstand\r\nthe nature of their own constituency\r\nand have forgotten how to\r\nmobilize it. Nevertheless, the patterns\r\nMr. Phillips perceived were essentially\r\ncorrect and, indeed, have been accepted\r\nas conventional polidcal wisdom.\r\nHis other books followed similar paths,\r\nall of them having to do with contemporary\r\npolitical and social affairs. No one,\r\nas far as I know, ever suspected...

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