The Untold Story Behind The Passion of the Christ

In Defense of Mel Gibson

What could a world-famous multibillionaire Hollywood star like Mel Gibson have in common with an unknown, cash-strapped, freelance journalist based in Rome?  Virtually nothing, it would seem.  Yet there is a common denominator: We are both Catholics and cherish the traditional Latin Mass, the primary liturgy of the Church before its post-Vatican II transformation into the vernacular “Novus Ordo” rite.  The pre-Vatican II Latin Mass is also called the Tridentine Mass, after the Council of Trent (1545-1563), which codified the ancient Roman rite in its present form.

One reason I prefer the traditional Latin liturgy is that it prompted my wife’s conversion to the Catholic faith from the Lutheran church  She used to wonder whether there was any real difference between the Novus Ordo Mass and the Lutheran service of her childhood.  I believe that her conversion was the clear sign that she was the woman God had chosen for me, as I was the man He chose for her.  (Contrary to current belief, in fact, the traditional Catholic principle is that marriages are not decided by us but by God, and, if too many marriages today go awry, it is precisely because of the mistaken belief that one may choose one’s spouse while ignoring God’s will.  The difference is obvious: God does not make mistakes in His choices, whereas human beings do.)

My initial acquaintance with Mel Gibson...

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