American Proscenium

The Untergang of Our Gang

The Bush administration and its heavyweights spent the latter portion of this past summer trying to explain to themselves, to one another, and to American voters why the policies it has inflicted on the nation have not really been the unmitigated disaster they have proved to be.  Attorney General John Ashcroft tried to defend the PATRIOT Act and similar internal-security measures that have managed to alienate both the ACLU left and the mainstream right.  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, National Security Princess Condoleezza Rice, and Vice President Dick Cheney (not to mention the President) were unleashed to defend, explain, and invent new justifications for the murderous Iraqi quicksands into which they have dragged the country.

Yet even their fertile imaginations proved inadequate.  Most of what the administration’s spokesmen claimed was virtually identical to the distortions, exaggerations, unsupported speculations, and outright lies—about WMD’s, the Saddam-September 11 link, the bucolic happiness of Iraqis with the American Global Democracy that has now swallowed their country—that the same people served us before the war and before they had been disproved by experience (as opposed to the common sense that rejected them originally).  On top of these difficulties, the U.S. economy sputtered and sighed, with unemployment at more than six percent and the number of workers unemployed...

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