Cultural Revolutions

The Unborn

Abortion advocates were pleased when reports from the world of medicine suggested that it cannot be shown conclusively that a child in the womb feels the pain of the needle to his heart, the vacuum sucking away his body parts, or the curette that carefully slices him to pieces.  However, a careful reflection on such boldly ignorant claims leads to some realistic assumptions based on what we know and what we can see.

The very first sonogram film depicting an actual abortion was put together by Bernard Nathanson, M.D.  Nathanson was once an abortionist who presided over thousands of such acts of killing.  He eventually repented of his involvement with abortion and became one of the most significant pro-life leaders of our time.

In Nathanson’s real-time ultrasound film, The Silent Scream, produced in the 1980’s, we see a 12-week suction abortion.  It dramatically, but factually, shows the preborn baby dodging the suction instrument time after time, while his heartbeat doubles in rate.  When the baby is ultimately caught and his body is being dismembered, his mouth clearly opens wide, screaming silently.  This production is not a melodramatic reenactment; it is an eyewitness account.

Subsequently, many medical professionals have argued, based on their knowledge and the developing body of evidence regarding the preborn, that these children do feel pain, and...

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