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The Ugly Beautiful Losers

“Beautiful losers” was the phrase Sam Francis borrowed from Leonard Cohen to sum up the failure of the American conservative movement.  Beautiful or not, American conservatives have been losers from their movement’s inception, and the same can be said for every conservative movement since the French Revolution and going back at least to the Enlightenment, which began the revolution against all things decent, honorable, and true.

Younger conservatives, when they begin to butt their heads against reality, wonder what they have got themselves into.  Over the past 30 years, conservative Republicans have been defeated in every significant contest, and their party has consistently betrayed its constituents.

Some of these young conservatives have been foolish enough to ask me, “Why do we always lose?”  I could give them a dozen answers, each based on the venality, stupidity, dishonesty, and cowardice of the senior-class presidents who grow up to be Republican politicians, but the same charges would as soon stick to leftist Democrats as to conservative Republicans.

Just look at the Clintons.  Hillary does not even try to tell the truth, but, once she has invented a whopper—whether about Bill’s women or Benghazi—she generally sticks to it without a lot of useless factual detail that can be fatal to any great lie.  Following her husband’s example,...

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