The U.S. and the E.U.

Washington never made any particular secret of its jaundiced view of Brexit as suggested succinctly by President Obama when he warned that Great Britain, if she voted to leave the European Union, would need to go to “the back of the queue” of countries wishing to cut trading deals with the United States.  J’ai tiré sur le fil du mensonge et tout est venu (I Drew on the Thread of the Lie and Everything Followed), a book by Philippe de Villiers just published in France where it seems to be causing a minor sensation, provides the background helpful in understanding the American reaction.  Villiers, who has served as a member of the European Parliament, is a novelist and a founder of Puy du Fou, a popular French theme park.  His new book, the result of careful research, presents some very interesting findings regarding the so-called Founding Fathers of Europe: Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, and Walter Hallstein.

Herr Doktor Hallstein, a German jurist, was also the first president of the European Economic Community—that is, of the present-day European Commission.  His background, in outline, was not a secret, but Villiers has been able to show that after the war he was able substantially to minimize his relationship with National Socialism.  Hans Frank founded the National-Socialist Jurists in 1928, which affiliated itself with the National Socialist German Workers’...

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