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above: Matt Damon and Lilou Siauvaud in Stillwater (2021, Focus Features)

In the Dark

The Troubled Waves of Stillwater

Written and directed by Tom McCarthy ◆ Produced by PGA ◆ Distributed by Focus Features
Directed by Robert Rossen ◆ Screenplay by Abraham Polonsky ◆ Produced by Enterprise Productions ◆ Distributed by United Artists
A good example of what not to  do when using a real-life story as your inspiration is what American director Tom McCarthy did in his latest film, Stillwater. Dishonest blame shifting is never a good pattern to follow, but that seems to be in play several ways with incidents related to this film and its cast. 
The film channels the Amanda Knox story, so much so, that Knox herself recently came forward in the pages of Vanity Fair to damn McCarthy’s tale for misappropriating her life. Knox was convicted and given a 26-year sentence for, among other less significant crimes, her alleged murder of a 21-year-old British exchange student in Perugia, Italy, with whom she had been sharing an apartment. Knox was vociferously adamant that she was innocent, but to no avail. Although the Perugia court’s evidence against her was sketchy to the point of being inconclusive, Knox...

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