The Tower of Skulls

The Tower of Skulls
the same rage. Although iconoclasm was eventually eondemned\r\nat the Seventh Ecumenieal Couneil, the rahies has\r\nne\\er been eliminated. The Bogomils, Cathars, and Albigensians\r\nwere not only unsound on the Trinit\\- and enemies of the\r\nestablislied order of the Church, but many went as far astray in\r\nthe practices of ever\\da\\- life as die Anabaptists who embraced\r\nsome of their heresies. Deny the images that reflect the hicarnation,\r\nit seems, and you will go on to reject marriage and pri-\r\n\\ate properh' and all decent order.\r\n'This is not to say that I agree with a friend of mine, a convert\r\nto Orthodox)', who once told me that flicrc is no salvation for\r\nthose who do not venerate icons. But, if I have to fall into one\r\nextreme or another, I had raflier be superstitious than irreverent.\r\nI can sa\\- with the Anglican Thomas Browne that I lo\\'c\r\n"the ci\\ilih' of hat and hand," because it is not only through\r\nicons that Christians displav flieir respect for the human flesh\r\nthat God created and Christ deigned to sanctif,'. Christian worship\r\nis not purely cerebral, but a complex system of organized\r\nph\\sicai gestures: standing, sitting, bowing, kneeling, and prostrating;\r\nsprinkling, censing, anointing, and breaking. Unitarians\r\nha\\e almost entirely succeeded in eliminahiig flie ritual element\r\nfrom their comical services, but they are not nearly half\r\nso Christian as the a\\erage Muslim. (Better a foolish Turk,\r\nIjuther shoidd...

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