The Tone of Trump

Donald Trump reveals something to us about ourselves, if we are honest enough to face it: We care far too deeply about presidential politics and not enough about our actual problems.

Please, put down the pitchfork and listen for just a minute.  Believe me, I understand.

Trump has raised the very important immigration issue, and his speeches have resonated with many frustrated citizens across the country.  The Washington Post identifies them as the “uneducated.”  Apparently, once you gain an education, you forget what it means to have a country.  Borders, history tells the “educated,” are tools of oppression designed to keep out future Democratic voters who are employed by Republicans and work for less than minimum wage.

Trump’s standard speech places great emphasis on immigrant crime, and he can pile up newspaper articles that reveal horror stories involving Hispanic rapists and killers whom the federal apparatus cannot seem to find the strength to deport permanently.  Trump is careful to preface his statements with “I love the Mexican people!” and “I employ thousands of Mexicans,” and the media responds by helpfully distilling his perspective (and that of the uneducated boobs who like his speeches) into the following absurd untruism: Trump thinks all illegal immigrants are rapists.

As Trump surges in the polls,...

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