The Third Compartment

The Third Compartment
end of tlie Civil War; recently, political correctness—reinforced\r\nb\\- poor education, intellectual sloth, religious unbelief and material\r\nsurfeit—has greatlv increased their reluctance to dissent\r\nfrom whatever point of \\ icw rcjiresents the official consensus. Illegal\r\ninvaders could be rounded u]3 b\\ the police and throw n out\r\nof the countn,, but such "conservatix'cs" as Michael Med\\ed consider\r\nthis solution "fascishc," and there is certainK' no possibilit)\r\nof Congress adophug it. Ron Dnz, celebrating the end of white\r\nAmerica in Commentary a couple of vears ago, rejoiced that\r\nAmerica will ccrtainh- become a nrulticultural entit}', barring a\r\nresurgence of nati\\i,st resi.stance-in which case, Unz admitted,\r\nall bets on the American future are off.\r\nThough signs of resistance ha\\e \\et to occur, reachon seems\r\ninc\\itablc in the long run. Almost as ine\\itablv, the long run\r\nwill be too late, be\\ond the point where regaining control of national\r\npolitical institutions and reinstating the old American\r\nculture is possible. And, as the European-American rciunant\r\nasserts itself at last, the shock and indignahon this provokes will\r\nheighten self-awareness among the former minorities and further\r\npromote the Balkanization of the nahon. Once the southwestern\r\nstates are loaded with Mexican immigrants and their\r\ndescendants —enjoving dual cihzenship in die United States\r\nand Mexico —die possibilit}" for the return of...

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