The Third Compartment

The Third Compartment
than the suicidal ones it presently finds no incenti\\ e to enforce.\r\nOf course, the extinedon of an alread\\' self-castrated, self-lohotonii/\r\ncd, and self-discniboweled OOP is h\\ no means the\r\nworst imaginable disaster to befall the countrs in the minds of\r\nskeptics and dissenters from the globalist ordiodox\\ who wonder\r\nwhether the eharacteristicalh Western enthusiasm for\r\nother races, cultures, and ei\\ ili/ations is reciprocated b\\- the immigrant\r\npeoples who represent them in die United States. President\r\nllillar\\- Rodham Clinton, Senate Majorit\\- Leader Tom\r\nDaschle, House Majority- Leader Henry Waxman, and U.S.\r\nSupreme C^ourt C^hief justice Chuck Sehumcr do not represent\r\nthe outer limit of possible eonsec|uences in store for the\r\nUnited States as a direct residt of policy based on the Immigration\r\nand Nationality .\\et of 1965, which opened the countr\\- to\r\nmassive immigration from the Third World.\r\nRagged prophets, shunned and stoned b\\ respectable people,\r\nha\\e been warning at least since the 198()'s that demographics\r\nresulting from a million prolific 'i bird World immigrants\r\narri\\ ing annualK must e\\entuall\\' create a vohng bloc\r\nsoon to become unignorable and, in hme, irresistible. Twenh'\r\n\\ears later, we ha\\'e reached die first stage, as Hie Cjcorge Bush-\r\nX'iceute Fox master ])lan for Hie United States demonstrates;\r\nhow long it will take us to arrive at Hie second, as the cKnamics\r\nof fertilit\\- and...

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