C.I.A. Confidential

The Terror Enigma

Israel and the September 11 Connection

“Remember 9/11!” is the rallying cry of the War Party; what we are remembering, however, is a half-truth.  It is time to draw the curtain on the largely ignored prehistory of September 11.  Although Bush-administration officials deny that they had even a hint of what was to come, government agencies were literally awash with warnings from the intelligence services of other nations—including the British, the French, the Germans, the Russians, the Argentines, the Israelis, the Egyptians, the Moroccans, and the Jordanians.

The Israelis had warned us in August 2001, when they sent a delegation to Washington, handed over a list of 19 individuals in the United States whom they believed to be planning terrorist activities, and issued a nonspecific warning that a major terrorist attack was afoot.  Yet there are indications that the Mossad knew about Muhammad Atta and his gang long before they let U.S. law enforcement in on the secret.

In the months before September 11, the Mossad had launched a major covert operation in the United States, involving hundreds of agents who not only kept a close watch on the terrorists but may have effectively blinded U.S. antiterrorism investigators to the activities of Al Qaeda in the United States.  The evidence can be found in the U.S. government’s own documents, leaked by its own employees, and in its public pronouncements before the decision was made...

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