The Tarantulas

“‘That precisely for us is justice, that the world be filled with the tempests
of our revenge’—so speak they to each other.”

—Friedrich Nietzsche

Ortega y Gasset once judiciously observed that “Man reaches truth with hands bloodied from the strangling of a hundred platitudes.”  One such commonplace is the popular belief that virtually all of the terrorist assaults that have been mounted in recent years against U.S. embassies and servicemen abroad have been the diabolical work of a single network, which is also responsible for the massive destruction of last September 11: the Al Qaeda network of Osama bin Laden.  This simplistic notion obscures a fundamental feature of what has become a planetary phenomenon: the fact that the jihad now being waged by Muslim extremists against America in particular and the West in general is also, in effect, an ideological civil war in the very heart of Islam—indeed, inside the very holiest of its holy books—with regard to the “correct” interpretation of the “Glorious Koran.”  Let us now see if, with the help of three books written by “experts” who have spent years probing the mysteries of what the French aptly call a nébuleuse, we can begin to penetrate more deeply the galactic mists...

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