The Suicide of the West

The issue of Kosovo, which has been simmering since the United States waged a war of unprovoked and unjustifiable aggression against the former Yugoslavia, is boiling over.  While Serbian “public opinion” is said to be more interested in economic questions, the resentment against the international community is real.  As one senior advisor to Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica told the Guardian, “Serbia is Pompeii and Kosovo is Vesuvius.”

With a few prominent exceptions, the member states of NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations favor speedy recognition of the rogue state being set up by Albanian narco-terrorists.  The motives are various.  Muslims naturally favor the creation of another Islamic state in Europe; many U.S. and Israeli politicians seem to believe that coddling Muslims in Europe reduces Islamic hostility in the Middle East—a position that only someone such as Lawrence Eagleburger could pretend to take seriously with a straight face.  (Eagleburger has said explicitly that U.S. support for the Bosnian Muslims was designed to offset our antagonism to Muslims elsewhere in the world.)

A quick look at websites, blogs, and letters to the editor would suggest that many Americans, although (or rather, because) they know absolutely nothing of the Balkans, have concluded that it is a clear case of right and wrong: The Albanian majority in Kosovo was persecuted...

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