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The "Suffering Love" of Patriots

The Russian writer Valentin Rasputin, himself no lackey of the Soviet regime, once attacked Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for having crossed the line where "war against communism became war against . . . Russia." In Rasputin's eyes, the prophetic exile had stained Russia's reputation—not merely that of the communist regime—in his relentless assaults on Soviet power. The line can be a very thin one. At the end of "The American Century," I finally understand how Soviet-era Russian dissidents must have felt when they attacked communism ("Then you favor unjust capitalism!?" screeched their inquisitors), criticized the war in Afghanistan ("Support the troops!"), and demanded that the Soviet authorities reopen the closed churches of their historically Orthodox Christian country ("Separation of church and state is the bedrock of our constitution!"). No real patriot ever intends to aid and comfort his homeland's enemies in either peace or war. But no patriot can stand idly by while his country, her body violated and possessed by the modernist demon (in either its communist or consumerist guise), is made vile and aggressive, as disfigured and offensive to the patriot himself as to the world she now threatens.

For those who can see clearly what we have become and can bear to gaze at an America whose image the world over is shaped by CNN's video clips of the victims of depraved...

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