The Siege of Sweden

In an era of political correctness, “safe spaces,” and “trigger warnings” for the constitutionally feeble, there are plenty of things we are not supposed to talk about.  Increasingly in recent months, this seems to include crime and immigration in the Kingdom of Sweden.  From across the political spectrum and on both sides of the Atlantic, recent reports point to an increase in drug trafficking, riots, sexual assaults, and a rise in street gangs, with people hurling grenades in some residential neighborhoods.

But Swedish opinionmakers seem to be in complete denial.  Like family members talking about a terminally ill relative in the room next door, officials have dismissed such reports as “fake news,” while liberal bien pensants have suggested that it may be part of a Russian-backed campaign of disinformation.  So when President Trump in February 2017 suggested that “large scale immigration” in Sweden had resulted in riots and other “problems like they never thought possible,” he was widely ridiculed.  It’s true that he incorrectly stated that riots had occurred the night before his speech, but he was not wrong about the country’s problems.

Since Trump’s infamous statement, a long-delayed discussion has begun in earnest about how Sweden is faring, especially after the migrant crisis of 2015.  While internationally...

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