The Second Risorgimento

The national Italian elections so feared by Brussels, European liberals, and other would-be unifiers across the Continent have come and gone after having given the officials of the European Union “une mauvaise soirée,” as Marine Le Pen expressed it.  The results are a dramatic victory for the right, for “populism,” and for antiestablishmentarianism generally.  The elections took place barely 24 hours after the weakened Socialist Democratic Party in Germany agreed to go into a second coalition with Angela Merkel’s equally weakened Christian Democrats, an arrangement that makes the rightist Alternative for Germany the official opposition party in Berlin.  The news from Italy especially will be offered by the establishment media and the governments they support as confirmation of their view that “fascism” again threatens Europe.  The truth is that nothing of the sort is happening in the land of Dante and Petrarch.

Nicholas Farrell is a writer for The Spectator who contributes occasionally to the magazine from his home in Ravenna.  “The Italian left and a largely supportive global media,” he wrote in a recent issue, “are doing their best to brainwash Italians into thinking that a vote for the right is a vote for fascism.  But neither Italy’s right, nor the Italians, are fascists.  What they are is fed up with the...

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