The Saudi Presence in the United States

The Most Lethal Terror Front of All?

For all the investment the United States has made in prosecuting the “War on Terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Saudi presence in the United States has gone largely unnoticed—although it may be the most lethal terror front of all.

U.S. politicians have been intoxicated by Saudi petrodollars for decades.  Saudi greenbacks led Spiro Agnew to fulminate against “Zionist influences in the United States” and Jimmy Carter’s advisor Bert Lance to complain about “the great Jewish ownership of the press.”  Carter himself enthused about the wonders of the House of Saud after a wealthy Saudi contributed $50,000 toward his presidential library.  Successive American diplomats have signed on to the Saudi payroll in exchange for their advancement of the Saudi line in Washington.

All of these favors over the years have never put the Saudis in much of a mood to reciprocate.  Witness the December 2004 report in the Saudi government organ Al-Watan, asserting that

secret European military intelligence reports indicate the transformation of the American humanitarian mission in Iraq into a profitable trade in the American markets through the practice of American physicians extracting human organs from the dead and wounded, before they are put to death, for sale to medical centers in America.

This outrageous libel from a close...

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