The Satan Club

At last, the Tacoma Public Schools’ board has recognized the obvious educational potential of the Prince of Darkness.  For years, this hopelessly hidebound and reactionary institution has restricted itself to providing what it calls “a welcoming, nurturing environment [to] . . . provide the knowledge and skills for students to become respectful, responsible life-long learners and citizens.”  As of Christmas week 2016, however, the infernal one’s teachings are now freely available to local kids of all ages, alongside more traditional after-hours recreational activities involving the use of Play-Doh or tabletop soccer.  All you need to do is present yourself any Wednesday afternoon at the aptly named Point Defiance Elementary School and submit there to the clammy embrace of the state’s first fully fledged preteen Satan Club.  It meets right after dismissal, and its welcoming logo is a couple of brightly colored crayons adorned with a pair of devil’s horns.  You couldn’t make this up.

It is often said that our nation’s social-engineering laws are for the most part well intentioned, and that only in their local application do they seem to pander so brazenly to the obsessed or the lunatic.  For some months in the past, Point Defiance Elementary has also played host to an after-school Good News Club, a nationwide Christian program developed by the Missouri-based...

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