Vital Signs

The Rock 'n' Roll Paradox

I was delighted in the fall of 1992 to discover a new VJ on MTV, named Kennedy, who declared herself a Republican during her first week on the air under friendly questioning from a fellow VJ. Asked whom she was voting for, she said "Bush/Quayle" with a smile—she was proud not only of the Bush part. mind you, but even of the Quayle part. The other VJ, the scruffy and annoying Steve Isaacs, looked startled and abandoned the subject of politics.

But it was too late. I had to know how this Republican had found herself on America's decadent and painfully liberal/ Green/multiculturalist network—where, I should note, she's done a swell job and been the most energetic and zany of all MTV's jockeys, without grating on the nerves (lacerating the spinal cord might be more apt) the way other would-be lovable MTV personalities like Pauly Shore do. I was pained to discover she won "Worst VJ" in Rolling Stone's annual readers' poll, but I take this to be simply another sign of the depravity of our times.

I spoke briefly with Kennedy, and she confided that she: one, bears a tattoo of an elephant; two, has a big crush on Dan Quayle; three, possesses a treasured audio tape of Quayle telling her she looks great in purple (and that she "rocks") from her days as a DJ in Oregon—where her dad, by the way, is a Democrat; four, has never heard of National Review (I didn't...

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