The Rise and Death of the Disinformation Media

Americans can now pick from a welter of news outlets on the internet and from such independent sources as this magazine.  Yet most Americans still get their news from the usual disinformation sources: the major newspapers and broadcast and cable TV.

This became clear to me in 2012.  After resisting for decades, in July 2012 I finally got cable TV.  Verizon gave it to me free with a fiber-optic upgrade.  In Huntington Beach, broadcast TV hasn’t worked since around 2005 because of the mysterious shift from analog to digital transmission.  Analog TV provides a signal that, even if faint, can be seen.  Digital broadcast TV provides either a clear picture or nothing.  In my case, the signal flickered between both.  So I stopped watching.

Late July and August brought the London Olympics, a celebration of Cool Britannia diversity and the self-humiliation of Queen Elizabeth II.  Late August and early September featured those American Nuremberg rallies called the national political conventions.  No diversity of opinion has been allowed since Pat Buchanan’s speech at the 1992 GOP Convention, after which Buchanan was attacked for declaring a “culture war.”  In fact, with his usual brio, he had only announced that such a war had already begun.  For more than 20 years now, that the war has obviously continued and intensified.

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