The Right Illusion

For the last two years, the New Democracy Party has held power in Greece, following 23 years of almost continuous rule by the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK).  The general impression abroad is that New Democracy is a conservative party, the Greek equivalent of the Christian Democrats in Germany or the Republican Party in the United States.  This impression is reinforced by its participation in the international conservative European People’s Party (EPP) and its political conflict with PASOK.  However, a more careful analysis of Greek political realities leads to a different conclusion.

In a January 8, 2004, television interview, the president of New Democracy, Greek Prime Minister Constantinos Karamanlis, declared that “there is no disagreement between New Democracy and PASOK in foreign-policy strategy.”  This statement is, in fact, proved by a comparison of the two parties’ positions.

New Democracy, as opposed to the EPP and the Church of Greece, supports the accession of Turkey to the European Union.  If this ultimately does take place, Greece and the rest of Europe will be deluged with millions of Turkish Muslims bearing European passports, a demographic nightmare that will mean the end of Europe as we know it.  Far from cautioning against such an outcome, New Democracy actually acted as a mediator in support of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s request for Turkey’s...

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