Principalities & Powers

The Revolution Two-Step

The new century, not to speak of the new pseudo-millennium, had not even begun last December when one of the scintillating debates typical of the intellectual life of our epoch suddenly erupted over the issue of who was the most important person of the old century. Time decided that it was undoubtedly Albert Einstein, neoconservative guru Charles Krauthammer insisted it was really Winston Churchill, while still other heavy-hitters suggested such eminences as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Obviously, there was a pattern here.

The real Man of the Century, however, was almost totally ignored, if not actually scorned. Vladimir Lenin, founder and first chief executive officer of the totalitarian state, has a far better claim than any of the feel-good impostors and posterboys of the New World Order mentioned above. It was Lenin who actually designed in theory and then carried out in practice the Total State, although admittedly he had no small amount of help from predecessors such as Robespierre, Cromwell, Calvin, and Savonarola and was soon surpassed in tyrannical achievement by Stalin and Mao. Within 30 years of his death, not only was the state Lenin created still in power, but it had been emulated, copied, and exported to more than half the globe. The collapse of his original version in the last decade did little to diminish Lenin's accomplishment since,...

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