The Revelations of the Obama Plan: Change We Can’t Afford

The Democratic nominee for president has finally offered the details of his campaign theme—that he will radically change America if elected—by posting on his website “The Blueprint for Change: Barack Obama’s Plan for America.”  Senator Obama’s call for “change” has mesmerized America’s youth and raised unprecedented grassroots donations.  Every American longing for real change that will address the serious problems our republic faces should look carefully at his plan.

The most evident goal of the Obama Plan is a bold expansion of the welfare state, driven by comprehensive national healthcare, untouchable Social Security, and measures to reduce poverty.  The universal healthcare component “will provide affordable quality healthcare coverage for every American.”  Obama’s healthcare policies will be comparable in cost and coverage to those of government employees, and subsidies will enable those not eligible for Medicaid or State Children’s Health Insurance (SCHIP) to afford income-adjusted premiums, while the costs of consistent quality policies will be reduced $2,500 per year by “health information technology.”  Why should we believe that a socialist program that aims at equality of price and provision will resolve the healthcare dilemma?  What will keep it from becoming a rationed healthcare system like those of...

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