In Our Time

The Return of the Savage

The Democrats and the rest of the left are taking the results of last November’s election no better than they predicted the Republicans and the right would do if their man lost.  The street riots, lawsuits, recounts, constitutional challenges, furious denial, and refusal to accept the electoral decision in a spirit of peace, resignation, and good grace—all were exactly what the Democratic politicians and the media warned the country to brace itself for in the (likely) event of Donald Trump’s loss to Mrs. Clinton.  One understands why, beyond even the fact that for the left no battle is ever fairly or justly lost.  After Obama’s eight years in the Oval Office, they must have imagined that they had forged far enough ahead of the right in America’s Cold Civil War, and with sufficient momentum, that the opposition—the Enemy—could never overtake them and hence was doomed to outer darkness forever.  The GOP’s nomination of Trump as its candidate would have confirmed this expectation for them.  Then, on November 8, the Unthinkable happened.  Understanding history as essentially a dialectical process that advances by the laws of progressive rationality, the left does not appreciate the unexpected, far less the unthinkable.  And so the shock was a devastating one for them.

“Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how to keep my anger simmering—letting...

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