Cultural Revolutions

The "Respectable Right"

The Respectable Right turned savagely against Michael Levin last spring for holding unacceptable views on the reasons for differing levels of measurable intelligence among the races. Thus Peter Collier, in organizing a Second Thoughts conference for those who had rallied to "democracy" from the 60's New Left, disinvited, after having invited, the controversial Professor Levin. Shortly thereafter Levin was driven from the executive board of the National Association of Scholars, and criticized in the press. For example, in a May 18 editorial in the New York Post, Eric Breindel decried Levin as a purveyor of "poison." Though Breindel stopped short, albeit barely, of calling for Levin's removal from American education, he did accuse him of "group libel" that "inspires racial hatred and intolerance" and leads to "mass murder." Never mind that Levin's reasoning about I.Q. disparities recapitulates what research psychologists and geneticists already believe and sometimes say. Or that Breindel never bothers to refute Levin's arguments. His comparison of Levin to cranks who deny that the holocaust occurred ignores the obvious methodological difference that, unlike apologists for Hitler, Levin builds his case on solid evidence. One is, of course, entitled to disagree with his conclusion, that cognitive disparities between the races are largely due to genetic causes. But it is perfectly...

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