Cultural Revolutions

The Reds and the Blues

It has become commonplace to observe that the American people are now divided into two distinct camps, roughly approximated by the opposing voters in the recent presidential election.  The Blues, concentrated in the Northern tier and Pacific states, are the progressives, marching on into the brave new world of polymorphous hedonism and limitless ethnic transformation.  We Reds are people who like the Old American way of life and think that Christian morality is still valid.  The division and its likely progression are beautifully laid out by Mr. Patrick Buchanan in his latest book, Suicide of a Superpower.

Where a population is critically divided, one might hope for a bit of compromise and restraint, live and let live.  We Red States, generally speaking, might be happy to leave the Blue States alone to do their own thing.  But the Blues will never leave us alone.  First, it is in the economic interest of Blue politicians to continue to transfer as much as possible of the national product to their constituents.  Second, the Blues are sure that their way is the true and right way and that we Reds are merely ignorant yahoos who must be educated and, if necessary, coerced into the light.

France is divided into irreconcilable political ideologies, but she manages to get along because of her cultural core.  Switzerland consists of three or four different ethnic groups, but unlike...

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