The Racists and the Flag

The Southern Baptist Convention finally had its Appomattox, surrendering the flag of its ancestors at its annual meeting of messengers (representative delegates) held in mid-June in St. Louis.  Reportedly, an overwhelming majority of messengers voted in favor of Resolution 7, in which they determined to “call our brothers and sisters in Christ to discontinue the display of the Confederate battle flag as a sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ, including our African-American brothers and sisters . . . ”

Unlike Appomattox, however, at St. Louis there was no dress uniform, no gallant handing over of the sword, no respectful nod from the slouching victorious general, no ideological quarter for dissenters.  There was only a demand for shame for the past mixed with tears of joy and a wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous bit of self-congratulation.  The national media added a slow clap.

The resolution initially submitted to the convention was the work of a “Bapticostal” black megachurch pastor from Texas, William Dwight McKissic, Sr., who, although pilloried by the left for condemning homosexuality, regularly identifies with the left’s interpretation of race problems in the United States.  A floor committee had toned down his language, in order to expedite the resolution’s passage.  But the revised version was not strong enough for Dr. James Merritt,...

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