Cultural Revolutions

The Race Mafia Goes to Jena

If Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton believed raising Cain in Jena, Louisiana, would rekindle that old-time religion, they were sadly and predictably wrong.  They hoped to reprise the glory days of Selma and Montgomery, but the media and most Americans forgot their vaunted march as quickly as its slogans wafted into the Bayou State’s muggy miasma.  It doesn’t help the cause, after all, when your movement bases its grievance on six black thugs who stomped and kicked a white boy because he was, well, white.

This, however, is the Race Mafia’s brand of “racial tolerance.”  Black gang smashes white boy: Protest the arrest.  White boys don’t rape black girl: Learn about racism.  Either way, the game is rigged: Heads, blacks win; tails, whites lose.

They lost in Jena, where the beating of Justin Barker at Jena High School on December 4, 2006, joined the growing list of flagitious black-on-white crimes of late, which included the shooting of Emily Elizabeth Braddock in Moore County, North Carolina, and the mauling of a 13-year-old white boy in Virginia Beach—both in September.  A few years back, Kansans were treated to the Wichita Massacre.  A few months ago, it was the vicious carjacking and murder of a white couple in Knoxville, Tennessee.  But the unique feature in Jena is that no one disputes that a lad named Mychal Bell, along with six other boys,...

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