The Quiet Apostasy of Québec

The Canadian province of Québec is the only French-speaking region in North America where the official language is still French.  It is spoken by more than 80 percent of the population.  Québec is the last living bastion of the French North American Empire founded in the 17th century.  It was the realization of Catholic and Royal France at her zenith, the France of Molière, Pascal, Racine, Bossuet, Fénelon, Olier, and Louis XIV.  It was a work of colonization, and it was a work of evangelization for the native tribes.

Québec City was founded in 1608 by a generous explorer and ship captain, Samuel de Champlain, who became the first governor of the colony and collaborated closely with the Catholic Church.  The Recolet Brothers, a group of reformed Franciscans, came to the city in 1615, and the Jesuits arrived in 1625.  In 1635, the Jesuits created a college in Québec City, one year before the foundation of Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In 1673 Blessed François de Laval was consecrated at Saint-Germain-des-Prés Abbey (Paris) as the first Roman Catholic bishop in North America.  He had established the Seminary of Québec in 1663 for the sanctification and the education of the clergy.  As the founder of the Church in Québec, he lived a simple and evangelical life with his community of priests around the seminary and the cathedral...

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