Principalities & Powers

The Proletarian Weapon

No sooner had George W. Bush entered the White House and its previous occupants padded off to Harlem—with as much public swag as they could pack into the helicopters—than the news media suddenly began to discover "layoffs," "downturns," and a looming economic crisis that threatened to strip the flesh from the eight fat years that the great and wise Clinton administration bestowed upon us. Were the media trying to knife Mr. Bush in the back—even before he had a chance to throw out the beer cans and brassieres that the Clinton clan left behind? There is no question that the economy did suddenly begin to sour, but the new administration really could not be blamed for it, no matter how convenient its arrival on the eve of yet another romp around the business cycle.

If there is any concrete cause of the recent economic wobbles, it probably lies in what everyone now fondly terms "globalization," the process by which nation after nation is stripped of its industrial plants, skills, jobs, and even native population and converted into a vast cow pasture where herds of former citizens and barely assimilated aliens calmly munch whatever fodder and slop is dumped in front of them: the mental diet stuffed down our maws by the organs of the dominant culture. Globalization may temporarily raise the living standards of those who experience it, but eventually—and the significance of the stories...

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