The Price of Globalism

Assessing the Fallout

It is paradoxical that, having led the Western world to triumph over fascism and then communism, the United States is now the vanguard of yet another world socialist order.  This American Empire, based on the benevolent neoconservative principles of borderless free enterprise, trade, and migration and consisting of multicultural social democracies enforced by U.S. military might and reinforced by U.N. policing, is becoming uncomfortably similar to the socialist “brotherhoods” our country once withstood.  This American hubris will cause a destabilization of the present world order and will weaken our defense of worldwide freedom.  And it portends an end to America’s already vanishing heritage of citizens’ rights to freedom, self-sufficiency, and republican government.

A look at the effects of our undiscriminating “free trade” policy—which does not require reciprocity from foreign competitors—on American manufacturers reveals the destructive nature of the neoconservatives’ global agenda.  Pressured by the United States, the world’s developed nations reduced tariffs from the Depression levels that prevailed at the end of World War II, causing a widespread growth of international trade by the mid-1960’s.  With the United States pushing them to eliminate tariffs altogether, the member nations of the European Common Market (now the European Union)...

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