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The Politics of Illegitimacy Rates

Since the early 1960's, compiling statistics on illegitimacy rates in the United States has been the official responsibility of the National Center for Health Statistics. However, the methodology employed by that federal agency to determine illegitimacy rates according to race has been inaccurate, classifying virtually all illegitimate Hispanic births as illegitimate "white" births. The result is an official illegitimacy rate for "whites" which has been deliberately inflated. Since most people assume "white" is a synonym for "European-American," the illegitimacy rate statistics—like FBI hate crime statistics which classify most, if not all, Hispanic perpetrators of hate crimes as "white"—officially promote a false and biased view against European-Americans, their culture, and their morals.

This flawed methodology stems from how the federal government treats Hispanics. According to Public Law 94-311 of 1976 and Office of Management and Budget Directive No. 15 of 1977, Hispanics constitute a separate "ethnic" category and can be of any race. When it comes to identifying Hispanics according to a specific race, however, the federal government classifies most as "white."

Prior to 1980, separate illegitimacy rates for Hispanics were not recorded by either the National Center for Health Statistics or any state government. This lack of interest...

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