The Patriot

Italian journalists are forbidden these days from using the Italian word for foreign migrants who have stolen their way by subterfuge into Italy.

By controlling which words people can use you can control their thought.  It is a thoroughly fascist idea and therefore much adored by the liberal left.

You use the law to criminalize no-go words, and schools and universities to ensure that the reasons why people use such words vanish into thin air.  You thus change what people think.

And in a generation or two, hey, presto!  Everybody thinks—for instance—that a sub-Saharan African man wading, suitcase in hand, out of the sea and into Europe is totally OK and that it is the duty of those on the beach to accompany him not to the nearest police station but to the nearest welfare office.

So it is with a frisson of bittersweet joy that in the name of liberty and truth I hereby commit one small act of rebellion and write the banned Italian word in capital letters: CLANDESTINO.

Just as in America you must call a clandestino “undocumented,” in Italy, which is where I live, you must call him irregolare.  It does not end there.

In both countries, it is inappropriate, if not yet illegal, to use the word migrant to describe a clandestino—the appropriate word being immigrant.


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