The Party Pooper

Keith Sutherland is a respected British publisher of such works as History of Political Thought and Polis: The Journal of Greek Political Thought, as well as the executive editor of the Journal of Consciousness Studies.  He has also edited such important collections of essays as The Rape of the Constitution? (2000)—of which compendium Margaret Thatcher asked, “I only wonder if you need that question mark in the title.”  Imprint Academic (of which he is proprietor) has published many other books on subjects as diverse as education, the nature of liberalism, the prime ministership, legal reforms, and cultural history.  Most recently, he was assailed by the far-left Independent as the publisher of an “Islamophobic rant” for having the temerity to issue former immigration caseworker Steve Moxon’s The Great Immigration Scandal, which told the story of Moxon’s dismissal by the Home Office for telling the sorry truth about Labour’s soi-disant “firm but fair” immigration policy.  To aggravate this diabolical sin against present pieties, Sutherland is also an occasional contributor to Right Now!; indeed, his book has its “remote origins” in an article that appeared in our pages in 2001.

Chronicles readers will by now have gathered that Sutherland is a person of considerable...

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