The Partisans Are Coming!

The Referendum that took Great Britain out of the European Union by a large popular majority occurred two years ago.  President Trump was elected two years ago this coming November in something like a landslide in the Electoral College.  Marine Le Pen’s Front National (since renamed the Rassemblement National) won a third of the popular vote.  The establishments in all three countries—Britain, the United States, and France—viewed these victories by the “wrong people” as acts of lèse majesté; personal insults to themselves as well as, in the first two instances, national catastrophes.  This summer they are trying to avenge and reverse The Horror: in the United States, by preventing a legitimately elected President from putting a second nominee on the U.S. Supreme Court; in the U.K., by castrating Brexit; and in France, by denying public funding to a major French political party the left calls “racist” and “populist.”  In all three countries, the International Partisans—fighters on behalf of some unspecified foreign power or borderless international consensus against the domestic Resistance—are determined to fight the patriotic rebellions to a standstill with everything they’ve got.

In the United States, the left has decided, after more than a century of judicial leftist activism, that activist judges are really not...

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