The Other America

Remembering, as I often have cause to do, the late Samuel Francis’s formulation “anarcho-tyranny,” I have an enhanced respect for the wonder that is our nation, for the wisdom of the government, and for the phonetic ambiguity of the word mandate, particularly as related to the blow for freedom and equality struck by the latest federal policy concerning homosexuals in the military.  And I have also an augmented zest for exploring the ways in which we reached this condition—this nameless state which leaves the suitpants and the pantsuits not knowing the meaning of such challenging nouns as marriage, border, budget, and war.  After all, there has been a great deal of attention given recently to the subject of American history, to the Revolution, to the Civil War, and to the Depression—to opportunities for exploring the roots or justifications of present political positions.  I don’t much like to read about the Depression, not only because it is depressing, but because it is rarely mentioned without a stentorian endorsement of the caesarism of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  I will only mention that a look at the budgets of the 30’s and 40’s indicates that Tojo and Hitler had a lot to do with all that deficit spending so beloved of Democrats when they get the benefit, and of Republicans ditto.  Yes, deficits and bombing are rather addictive and habit-forming, aren’t they? ...

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