Cultural Revolutions

The Only Job That Pays Well

The Federal Government is the only industry in which employees get more money—and raises and bonuses—for doing absolutely terrible jobs.

The American people have spent several hundreds of billions of dollars on our intelligence agencies over the last ten years, yet none of them ever hinted at, much less warned us, about the attacks of September 11.

We receive more accurate information from the television newscasts than we do from the CIA and other intelligence agencies.  In fact, intelligence expert and author James Bamford said that the National Security Agency “found out about the attack by watching CNN!”  (The NSA is the same agency for which we built a plush, $320-million state-of-the-art building a few years ago—at a cost of $320 per square foot.  Then, again, Congressional Quarterly recently reported that we are giving the CIA a multi-billion-dollar increase—somewhere between $35 and $40 billion—for the new fiscal year.)

Our intelligence agencies have too many “experts” who want to stay in their vice-offices and write reports that almost no one sees and that do no good whatsoever.  Late last year, Insight Magazine quoted one CIA veteran as saying that agents “don’t live in the grungy, smelly fly-infested environments of the locals; they don’t go to mosques and smoke-filled mud houses where the populations...

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