Vital Signs

The New Political Science

I once presumptuously thought I knew what “political science” was (Aristotle told me), and I even remembered Eric Voegelin’s New Science of Politics, but I was wrong—again.  Is there is p-p-pattern developing here?

Yes, there is a New Political Science that is a contemporary Zeitgeist, and I am talking about what happens when “science” is obscured by some mysterious force that is no mystery at all, but simply power politics in its inverted form.  George Orwell used to write about Doublethink—you remember where and when—and so the ground is quite well trodden.  There is a terrain we have slogged before, back in the days of National Socialist biology and Stalinist biology, and probably such phrases should be shrouded with shudder quotes.  When distorting ideology obscures reality and even passes as “science,” the door is open to big trouble, indeed.

I am referring, as so many are, to the Ebola epidemic that has caused much anxiety and death in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.  This phenomenon was declared to be an epidemic back in March of this year, though internationally little if anything was done to address it until August.  And since that time, hardly anything credible has been iterated about the threat of this virulent plague except from the group called Doctors Without Borders.  (If I may be pardoned for...

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