The New French Resistance

Philippe de Villiers, a French entrepreneur, politician, and author, belongs to what one might call the New French Resistance, a group of contemporary French patriots for whom Paris, not Vichy, symbolizes treason against both the French Republic and the historic French nation.  Descended from an aristocratic family in the Vendée, Villiers is the founder and proprietor of Le Puy du Fou, among the most popular theme parks in France; the nominee for president in 2007 of the Movement for France (of which he is the party leader); a former civil servant in the government of Jacques Chirac and a former member of the European Parliament, despite his Euroskepticism, his nationalism, and his traditionalism; and a devout Catholic who writes here that, “Henceforth, to learn history is to learn to hate” France.  A French correspondent (and contributor to this magazine) informs me that The Time Has Come to Say What I Have Seen signals the author’s desire to return to political life after a bout with cancer and a respite from public life.  If so, Villiers’s timing is well considered.  More than any other Western European people, perhaps, the French are increasingly furious with their leaders, with the social and cultural elite from which these people are drawn, with Brussels, and with the entire European project that is collapsing about them after having succeeded in reducing France to a shadow of...

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