Cultural Revolutions

The Neoconservative Delusion

The Neoconservative dream of spreading “democracy” in the Middle East, a delusion wholeheartedly embraced by President George W. Bush, is rapidly becoming a nightmare.  Pursuit of this utopian vision has already strengthened the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, propelled Hezbollah into the Lebanese government, and brought Hamas to power in the Palestinian Authority.  In Iraq, it has produced a Shiite government friendly to Iran and has emboldened Islamic terrorists, whose violence has created an exodus of Iraqi Christians, exactly as Wayne Allensworth predicted in these pages before the first American soldier entered Iraq.  Recently, New York Times Baghdad-bureau chief John Burns painted a vivid picture of the violent anarchy that has engulfed Iraq, describing to NPR’s Terry Gross a situation in which 2,000 bodies end up in Baghdad’s morgue each month; lawless and unscrupulous men are everywhere seizing power; life is marked by shootings, bombings, and kidnappings; and the police entrusted with keeping order often resort to torture and summary executions.  And, as of this writing, 2,567 American servicemen have died in Iraq.

The neoconservatives who helped create this mess are unrepentant.  Indeed, according to a July 19 article by Michael Abramowitz in the Washington Post (“Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush’s Foreign Policy”), they have turned on President...

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